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As 24 was created we didn’t really understand that we were setting a precedence for the entire country that attorneys would need to answer their phones after normal office hours in order to stay competitive. We also felt that it was beneficial to add the bail bondsman as there are many misconceptions as to how bail even works.



Salt Lake Auto Accident Attorney – After Hours Lawyer

Automobile accidents can be a devastating time in your life. Whether you have light injuries such as cuts and bruises or catastrophic injuries, including broken parts of the body and brain injuries. You ask yourself, how will I support my family? How will I pay my medical bills? We have skilled lawyers in automobile accidents ready to help answer these questions for you.

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Park City Bail Bond Company – Summit County Jail

Once you have been charged with a drug offense in Utah, it is critical you find an experienced criminal defense attorney. Hiring a criminal defense attorney will ensure that your case is carefully evaluated by a legal professional with the experience it takes to successfully fight your criminal charges.

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Spanish Fork Utah Bail Bonds – Utah County Jail

The stakes are high with any sex crimes case. A criminal conviction will mean time in prison, as well as a lifetime on the sex offender registry. Contact the 247 Help Group as soon as you suspect you are being investigated. Early intervention can sometimes make a big difference in the outcome of a case.

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24-7 Group is the Pioneer in the concept of the 24 hour Attorney

We started the concept many years ago along with the Criminal Defense Team Effort. Although many firms have followed in suit many really don’t have the concept down as quite like we do. The bottom line is when you retain a attorney you want to be able to reach him or her as soon as possible as your questions may occur which enables you to have peace of mind. 24-7 Group has multiple attorneys available at a single call 24hrs a day 7 days a week to put your mind at ease. Call 1-888-201-6340 …. 7 days a week
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