Violent Crimes

The stakes are high. That’s why you want experience on your side…

If you are facing the prospect of a criminal conviction for a violent crime, you know you are looking at a lengthy jail or prison sentence,

perhaps life in prison or the death penalty.

24-7 Group offers Utah Violent Crime Attorneys with a thorough knowledge of the law and experience in
the courtroom:
-Forcible rape
-Aggravated assault; and Simple assault
-Assault and battery
-Aggravated assault
-Sexual assault, rape, statutory rape, etc.
-Weapons  offenses or enhancements
-Homicide or murder
-Domestic violence-related  offenses

Having one of our experienced Violent Crime Attorneys involved early on can make all the
difference between a favorable and a disastrous outcome for you later on.
Call 24-7 Group today, we can connect you to one of our criminal defense team members.