Hill Airforce Base Airshow * Thunderbirds * Air Show at Hill Air Force Base

Some footage of the Airshow at Hill Air Force Base so you know what your in for when you visit this spectacular event.

For information on the Airshow 2018 at Hill Air Force Base click here.

Hill AirForce Base Airshow 2018 * Thunderbirds Airshow 2018 * Thunderbirds at Hill Air Force Base

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Video shows Milwaukee police tasing NBA rookie Sterling Brown

Officers in Milwaukee tased NBA player Sterling Brown after a parking incident on Jan. 26. The body camera footage was released on May 23. Read more: https://wapo.st/2khRAV8.

Sterling Brown arrest * sterling brown video * police arrest with sterling brown

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Marcos Gil is a true hero.
On Saturday, April 28th, Marcos (17) jumped into the Portneuf River, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, without hesitation, to save his drowning girlfriend, my daughter.
During this courageous and amazing act of selflessnes, he was able to get underneath her and push her up toward the surface.
My daughter was saved but tragically, Marcos was pulled under by the strong current and did not survive.
While we are all grieving, his family is undergoing not only the loss of their son and brother, they have the unexpected costs of a funeral.
Unfortunately, we cannot express our gratitude to Marcos so we have set up this page to financially help his family through this tragedy.
Please donate anything you can.
Click Here to Donate to the Marcos Gill cause.
Marcos Gil Lava Hot Springs * Marcos Gil Idaho * Marcos Gil Drowning
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Utah Police Officer Hit By Car

LOGAN — Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Cade Brenchley’s voice began to crack as he recalled the moment he was struck by a vehicle while responding to a crash in Sardine Canyon Sunday.

Graphic dashcam video released by the Utah Department of Public Safety Tuesday shows the harrowing moments.

Brenchley exited his squad car wearing a neon reflective vest and approached a white sedan that had slid off state Route 91 in snowy weather. Seconds later, a black sedan slides and strikes the trooper, catapulting him into the air before he lands in a heap next to the white sedan.

“I’ve watched the video, I’ve watched it a couple of times. I truly believe miracles do happen,” Brenchley said Tuesday, with his wife, Lindsay, and his four children by his side at Logan Regional Hospital.
credit ksl

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Free Josh Holt * Support the Family Of Josh Holt * Free Joshua Holt

If you are Reading this Donald lets get this one accomplished for your old good friend Stephen Hyde.

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — The Trump administration’s top diplomat in Venezuela pressed for the release of a jailed Utah man Thursday, saying the case is the main obstacle to improving strained relations between the two countries.

Todd Robinson told The Associated Press it is a “tragedy” that Joshua Holt has been imprisoned the past 19 months on what the U.S. considers trumped-up charges. The diplomat said he is holding Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza personally responsible if anything that happens to Holt while in jail.

“I believe he can and he must resolve the situation,” Robinson said of Arreaza. “If he truly wants to talk about the other important issues between the United States and Venezuela, we can do that, but only after Joshua Holt is free.”

Holt has languished in a Caracas jail cell since June 2016 when he was arrested on weapons charges during a visit to Venezuela to get married. Holt met his wife, Theresa Caleno, in an online website for Spanish-speaking Mormons. She also remains jailed as an alleged accomplice.

Venezuela authorities allege Holt used his wife’s apartment in Caracas to stockpile weapons and have linked him to unspecified attempts by the U.S. to undermine President Nicolas Maduro’s rule amid deep economic and political turbulence. Holt’s family says an assault rifle and a grenade found in the apartment were planted.

The case has become a major thorn in relations between the U.S. and Venezuela, which were already tense from previous U.S. administrations. The Trump administration has slapped sanctions on dozens of senior Venezuelan officials with the goal of weakening Maduro’s grip on power.

Arreaza’s office and the Ministry of Communications did not respond to requests for comment.

A senior administration official in Washington said U.S. officials fear it is unlikely Holt will be released as long as Maduro remains in power, calling the prisoner a political hostage. The official agreed to discuss the case only if not quoted by name because he wasn’t authorized to publicly discuss U.S. policy on Venezuela.

“I don’t see any scenario where they just up and return him,” the official said, adding that President Donald Trump is personally following the case.

Since landing in Venezuela six weeks ago, Robinson hasn’t shied from taking jabs at Maduro’s socialist administration.

More on Joshua Holt:

Days after he arrived in Caracas, the U.S. Embassy posted a comment on Twitter calling the new National Constituent Assembly “illegitimate,” saying it engages in undemocratic practices and is “inventing rules” as it goes. The president of the pro-government constitution-writing assembly, Delcy Rodriguez, retorted that Robinson was beginning his diplomatic assignment on “the wrong foot.”

The U.S. diplomat has lobbied hard for Holt’s release, raising it in his first face-to-face meeting with Arreaza and tweeting about his plight three times.

Venezuela and the United States haven’t exchanged ambassadors since 2010, so Robinson holds the position of chief of mission in the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, while preserving his ambassadorial rank.

Robinson has led a long diplomatic career specializing in Latin America, serving as ambassador to Guatemala for three years until September. Along the way, he earned a reputation for speaking out and several times faced calls for his expulsion from past assignments.

He has made his presence known in Caracas, first posting a video on the embassy’s website introducing himself to the Venezuelan people. He has also posted photos touring Bolivar Plaza, a gathering place for pro-government die-hards, and he also attended a baseball game.

A message to Donald Trump * A Message for Trump * Support Joshua Holt * Free Josh Holt * A Message to President Donald Trump



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Utah sees drug court participation decline after reform

ODGEN — Fewer people are enrolling in Utah’s drug courts after the state launched a criminal justice reform three years ago that reduced some drug felonies to misdemeanors.

Participation is down by about 10 percent across the approximately 60 Utah drug courts, which are designed to give addicts a path to recovery, the Standard-Examiner reported.

Under the drug court program, a person could plead guilty to some drug offenses, and the charges would be dismissed if that person completes a rehabilitation program lasting 12 to 18 months.

The program is typically very structured with a schedule that includes substance abuse treatment, court appearances and frequent urine tests, said Kathy Morris, the former coordinator of the Davis County drug court in Farmington. If participants fail drug tests or miss appointments, they could be sent back to jail.

Since the Davis County drug court began about 20 years ago, 793 people have completed the program and stayed clean for at least five years, Morris said.

For the drug court in the Ogden area, enrollment is down by about 30 percent, Weber County Attorney Chris Allred said.

“It’s the most effective treatment I’ve seen anywhere, but I don’t think it works without the leverage of a felony,” Allred said.

Some people are choosing to spend a few days in jail on a misdemeanor drug offense instead of going through the rigorous drug court program, he said.

The decline in drug court participation is linked to Utah’s 2015 Justice Reinvestment Initiative, which reduced penalties for some offenses such as drug possession, said Jeff Marrott, spokesman for the state Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

Morris said he believes the lighter penalty is ultimately a negative.

“I personally don’t believe it’s a good thing,” Morris said. “We are kind of causing some harm to people. Before, people were more willing and wanting to be in the program with a felony hanging over their head.”

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Park City Snowmobiling * Utah Snowmobiling * Strawberry Bay Marina * Heber Snowmobiling * Wasatch County Snowmobiling


When winter arrives the “Greatest Snow on Earth” becomes the blanket for the best open country and groomed trail snowmobiling in Utah. Breathtaking views of Mt. Nebo and Mt. Timpanogos are the backdrop for endless acres of riding opportunities, including more than 250 miles of groomed trails.

Snowmobile rentals at Strawberry Bay in Heber City, Utah, provide the perfect mix of excitement and the tranquility of nature’s winter beauty. Experience the finest of Utah’s majestic mountainscape on a non-guided excursion or with a professionally certified guide. Well maintained top-of-the-line equipment awaits to ensure you will make the most of your time enjoying the ride.
visit http://strawberrybay.com/



Park city Snowmobiling * Utah Snowmobiling * Strawberry Bay Marina * Heber Snowmobiling * Wasatch County Snowmobiling

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Sessions calls for probe of Bundy case after mistrial

Sessions calls for probe of Bundy case after mistrial

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Weed for SUV trade ends in arrests

Weed for SUV trade ends in arrests

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