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Do you need a pre-settlement loan while waiting for your lawsuit to settle? Our pre-settlement loan is different from traditional loans. If you do not win your case or settle it there is no repayment. We make it easy with our no credit check no hassle simple process. Make the phone call and within 24

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Are you out of work from an accident and need to pay bills? Are you waiting on a settlement We can help! We understand the worry of having bills to pay while you cannot work due to an accident. That is why pre-settlement funding was created. This type of legal funding is not a loan.

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Are bills stacking up waiting on a pending lawsuit? Pre-settlement funding helps you get cash fast when you need it. In as little as 24 hours you could have the funds you need to pay bills and other necessities. With our quick no credit check no hassle process in 24 hours the money could be

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Have you been in an accident? Do you need financial help? We at 24/7 Help Group Funding are here to assist you. We have 24 hour accident funding. You don’t have to wait until your case settles. We can get you money in as little as 24 hours. We are here to help you. Call

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If you have been in an accident chances are the bills are piling up. You may require ongoing medical care like physical therapy. Out of pocket expenses seem to never end. The bills add up. If you are waiting for your case to settle in order to get the care you need long lasting consequences

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We can help provide funding during these trying times. Our lawsuit settlement funding helps people take back their lives. We put funds back in your pocket for all those daily responsibilities you need to be taking care of. Call us at 1-888-201=6340 24hrs a day Car Accident Loans * Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Loans * Motorcycle

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If you need help getting someone out of the Utah County Jail call the 247 Help Group immediately, we can connect you with a Spanish Fork Bail Bond Company or after hours criminal defense Attorney for anywhere in the state of Utah. Call 801-208-9514 24hrs a day. Bail Bonds statewide * after hours attorney utah

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If you need help getting your friend or family member out of the Salt Lake Metro Jail give the 247-Help Group a call we can connect you with a Utah criminal defense attorney or a reputable Utah Bail Bond company 24hrs a day. Call us at 801-208-9514 24hrs a day. Salt Lake City Bail Bond

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If you need help getting your friend or family member out of the Weber County Jail give the 247 Help Group a call. We can connect you with a after hours criminal defense attorney or a Ogden Utah Bail Bond Company immediately. Give is a call at 801-208-9514 24hrs a day. Ogden Utah Bail Bonds

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  The tragic, unexpected passing of sweet (mama bear) Laurie Holt has left a giant whole in the lives of all those she touched. Laurie and her husband Jason Holt, worked tirelessly, for 2 years to bring their son, Joshua Holt home from a Venezuelan prison at great a emotional and financial cost. I’m asking everyone who knew