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Sometimes criminal charges come with collateral consequences. Avoiding penalties such as not being able to vote, being able to carry a gun or possess ammunition, hunt and your ability to travel, are all restrictions that can occur with a criminal conviction. We can connect you with a Experienced attorney which can assist you in a

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Being charged with any crime can have serious consequences for and individual. 24 Hour Legal Pro is your connection to Utah Criminal Defense attorneys that can assist you or a loved one through the various stages of the criminal process. • Weapons violations • Sex crimes • Domestic violence • Crimes causing Injury/Death • Internet

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The 247-Help Group is your connection to a team of internet crime lawyers that represent individuals who are being investigated for or charged with computer crimes. Internet crimes can involve a variety of criminal charges: • Internet fraud • Possession of child pornography • Production of child pornography • Distribution of child pornography • Internet

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A felony is the most serious crime you can be charged with. A Utah felony conviction will stay with you for life, and may make it more difficult to find a job. In some states, you’ll also be barred from voting in elections. If your crime was sexual in nature, you may be required to

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If you need help getting someone out of the Cache County Jail, Box Elder County Jail, Or Weber County Jail give Xtreme Bail Bonds a call. Chances are good you might me able to finance your bail bond if you are purchasing a home, or have several years on your job. Call Xtreme Bail Bonds

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If you have a friend or family member in the Weber County Jail call the 247 Help group we can connect you with a Ogden Utah Bail Bondsman or a Ogden Criminal Defense Attorney after hours. Call 801-208-9514 24hrs a day. Ogden Utah Bail Bonds * Ogden Utah Bondsman * Ogden Utah Bail Bond Company

Hill Airforce Base Airshow * Thunderbirds * Air Show at Hill Air Force Base

Some footage of the Airshow at Hill Air Force Base so you know what your in for when you visit this spectacular event. For information on the Airshow 2018 at Hill Air Force Base click here. Hill AirForce Base Airshow 2018 * Thunderbirds Airshow 2018 * Thunderbirds at Hill Air Force Base

Video shows Milwaukee police tasing NBA rookie Sterling Brown

Officers in Milwaukee tased NBA player Sterling Brown after a parking incident on Jan. 26. The body camera footage was released on May 23. Read more: Sterling Brown arrest * sterling brown video * police arrest with sterling brown


Marcos Gil is a true hero. On Saturday, April 28th, Marcos (17) jumped into the Portneuf River, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, without hesitation, to save his drowning girlfriend, my daughter. During this courageous and amazing act of selflessnes, he was able to get underneath her and push her up toward the surface. My daughter was saved

Utah Police Officer Hit By Car

LOGAN — Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Cade Brenchley’s voice began to crack as he recalled the moment he was struck by a vehicle while responding to a crash in Sardine Canyon Sunday. Graphic dashcam video released by the Utah Department of Public Safety Tuesday shows the harrowing moments. Brenchley exited his squad car wearing a