If your loved one has been arrested in Orem, Utah and is being held at the Utah County Jail. Don’t wait call the 24-7 Help Group now to get your loved one the help they deserve and need.

The 24-7 Help Group can connect you with a Spanish Fork Bail Bond Company or After Hours Criminal Defense Attorney for the entire state of Utah.

Call 801-208-9514 24hrs a day to get the assistance you deserve.

Bail bonds are given to provide surety of a person’s release from jail.  If you have received a call from a person you care about that has been arrested a bail bondsman can ensure the process of release goes as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Once the person is processed by the jail the bail out process can begin.  The sum of the bail can range anywhere.  In order to begin the process you will need the full name of the arrested party, the booking number, a processing fee and the amount requested for bail.  The bail bond company should take it from there and ensure your loved one is released as soon as possible.  Help should be available 24 hours a day no matter if the charge is as simple as minor theft to something as serious as a felony.



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