A Domestic Violence crime, is when penalties can be enhanced depending on the circumstances. If you, a loved one, or a relative are being charged with domestic violence in Salt Lake City, you need an experienced Attorney who is knowledgeable about Salt Lake City, Utah’s domestic violence laws.

In Utah, domestic violence can include:

  • Salt Lake City Child Abuse Attorney
  • Domestic Violence in the presence of children
  • Reckless endangerment in Salt Lake 
  • Salt Lake City Stalking Attorney 

A domestic violence charge or conviction in Salt Lake City will appear on your criminal record where employers, landlords and others can see it. If a protection order in Salt Lake  has been issued against you, you will have to abide by a number of restrictions Salt Lake City.

domestic violence charge in Salt Lake City does not have to ruin your life and your future. Call the 24-7 Group, Salt Lake City, Utah location today. Help us, help you, get out now!


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