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  DOMESTIC VIOLENCE In Utah, domestic violence is defined as a crime involving two or more people who cohabitate with each other.  This can mean a spouse, child, sibling or even roommate.  Based on this broad definition, a domestic violence charge can occur in many situations. Domestic violence is a crime with serious consequences, fines,

Low-cost cash bail sparks complaints against Utah County judges

SPANISH FORK — Millions of dollars are spent each year to take criminals off the streets. Now a practice in Utah County has sparked a courtroom controversy involving bail bondsmen, judges and seemingly cheap bail for many jailbirds. Take, for example, Teige Carson. He was arrested for a felony and bailed out of jail for

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FARMINGTON BAIL BONDS | DAVIS COUNTY JAIL If you’re looking for a Farmington bail bond company or criminal defense attorney in Farmington, Utah. 24-7 Groupis your legal support line that connects you with reputable Farmington Bail Bond Company andUtah Criminal Defense Attorney, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 801-893-3555. If you